“It isn’t about the horse, it’s about the jockey”

-Gary Vaynerchuk

There’s over 52 thousand “payment professionals” in the country including those at lending institutions, payment processing companies, and sales people calling and walking in your doors, and no true barrier to entry.

How professional does that sound? How do you know who to trust? What’s the deciding factors you look for when comparing payment processors?  Is it the “free terminal” you’re being offered?  Is it the “rate” you’re being quoted? What kind of training and education do these professionals really have?

We’ve experienced first-hand the ups and downs that come with being in the industry.  We know all the gimmicks and sales tactics that have been used in the past by other processors and banks, and that are currently being used by those same entities to businesses across the country.

We don’t play the same games other processors do.
We aren’t even on the same field.

We have a process that has proven time and time again that saves our customers money every month, each year, for as long as they work with us.

Some Key Items We Feel You Need To Know About:


We have committed to educating all our clients and keeping them up to date with any changes happening in the payment space while providing as much value as we can.  Our goal is simple, to help you Swype With Confidence.  Whether you need a mobile solution for your business, or an All-In-One platform, it’s time to empower your business.

Don’t fall for the same old processor or lending institution who’s going to treat you like a number on a peg board.  Discover the Swype Solutions difference.